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Electronic waste (E-waste), including all obsolete electronic products, has become the fastest growing component in the solid waste stream. Personal computers (PCs)-the most significant component in E-waste stream-were studied for their potential leaching toxicity of contaminants. All the components in a PC that are composed of, or contain printed wire boards  including the motherboard, various expansion cards, disk drives, and power supply unit were tested by the toxicity characteristic leaching procedure. The total contents of eight heavy metals including arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, selenium, and silver in the and their  leaching from they were examined. Among these eight heavy metals lead was found to be the predominant element that causes the toxicity characteristic of the PC components. The lead concentrations in the extracts of the vast majority of the ranged from 150 to 500 mg/L, which are 30-100 times the regulatory level of 5 mg/L for classifying a waste as hazardous. The motherboard in a PC contributed 50-80% of the total lead that could leach out from all the in the PC under the test conditions. The contents of barium and silver were found to be high in some components, but they were not leach able under the test conditions. The contents of other five elements in all the PC components were hardly detectable. They would not have the potential to cause toxicity characteristic leaching concern.

A big worry is that there is a tremendous backlog of old computers sitting in peoples basements, garages, in schools, in back corners of businesses. If these were to be dumped into the environment, the hit would be big, and we are already under strain.

We must take action to protect ourselves by protecting the environment around us.

Donate your Electronic waste to us and we will refurbish what we can and what we can't we will recycle

all of your donations is 100% tax deductible