Virtual Scavengers Project, Inc.

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Volunteer Program


We have a program Monday thru Friday 10am until 5pm and Saturday 10am until 4pm called Open Warehouse that gives people from the community the opportunity to earn a free Computer after 20 hours of learning how to maintain it and upgrade it.

VSP provides services from computer upgrades to small network installation.  We also sell computers and a wide variety of components and parts.      

we need Computers Donated to us so we can provide training classes and apprenticeships in pc technology, electronic waste management, and social entrepreneurship.  We rebuild new computers from the old parts, sell them at a cost recovery basis and use the money to support the program and provide jobs.

What little scrap we canít use or sell  we recycle it. Nothing goes into landfills.

We provide computers locally, nationwide and internationally.  Our computers have supplied computer labs at schools in villages and towns from El Salvador to Senegal.  Our recipients are non-profit groups, missionaries, schools, hospitals