Virtual Scavengers Project, Inc.

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About Us

Virtual Scavengers founder and C.E.O. John Crooks said: “Electronic waste is the fastest growing part of the solid waste stream. Yet most of that ‘trash’ is still usable. In Indiana, about 1.2 million computers become ‘obsolete’ each year. Meanwhile there are people who can put those computers to good use and maybe improve their employment opportunities in the process; so, we’re really happy to have the room to expand our program to meet the demand from the community for our services.

The expansion will also result in VSP moving its hands-on training program and its service and production operations. VSP takes any used electronics, such as computers, monitors, printers, copiers, fax machines, etc., free of charge, and refurbishes the equipment for reuse.

It is then provided, at cost, to nonprofit organizations, communities in developing nations and needy families and individuals. VSP uses the refurbishing program to provide hands-on training for everything from logistics to computer repairs. This training is free and open to anybody.

Scott Meyers, President of The Indianapolis Enterprise Center said: “we are pleased to be able to meet the growing needs of Virtual Scavengers, and are eager to assist them in their space and business needs”. “They are a perfect example of the types of companies we aim to help and we welcome the opportunity to utilize our many tools in an effort to grow their enterprise”.